I received this comment: –

Sparrowhawks do not like the colours yellow black and white.

I put a yellow high visibility jacket on one of my hens following a failed attempt to take her – touch wood seems to be working along with scary eyes on the shed roof.

Refective items made no difference s.h. took my only remaining fantail dove. Trial and error!


Hello Paula, I’m so pleased you have tested this with trial and error. It is the only way isn’t it?

Yellow, Black and White. Interesting. What a lovely idea to put a yellow high visibility jacket on one of your hens. I can imagine it strutting around.

Scary eyes on the shed roof as well.  Brilliant, but I am sad that you lost your last fantail dove to a Sparrowhawk.  Where your other fantail doves taken by sparrowhawks as well.

I’ll put this as an article on Bird Table News. I could help other readers as I know how difficult it is to  feed birds when sparrowhawks are around and how many garden birds get killed by sparrowhawks.


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