Good to hear you are still able to get out and see nature.
One bit of interesting news I thought I would tell you is about my swallow study, now in its 17th year.
At one of my swallow sites where birds had again returned to a garage, I went to ring the nestlings and also caught the parents. This is an odd site as the birds go in through the rear door tucked away at the back, and I was pretty certain one must be from last year who had remembered this good site. To my surprise both birds had my rings on and on checking my records this is now the third time both of these birds have returned to breed. This is quite incredible as it means both have been back to S Africa at least three times, survived the rigours of migration and come back to the same spot in Worcestershire.
I have had a few pairs do this twice but never three times, so the chances of it happening are quite small.
My bad news is at my best swallow site, what I guess is a corvid, has learned food can be had from nesting swallows, and just like last year it is raiding every nest giving the six plus swallow pairs that use these stables no chance at all! Last year a few managed one brood only late in the season.
I think Garth deserves a medal, don’t you?

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