From Tracy in Lincolnshire

I have just been horrified to see a sparrow, dragging another sparrow savagely by the neck around the ground while a team of 5 other sparrows took turns to peck and attack it.

The bird was struggling and terrified.

I went to intervene but as they flew the injured bird couldn’t fly very well and they attached it mid-air, smashing it into a tree and as it fell to the ground they were on top of it ripping at it.

I couldn’t watch any longer and I couldn’t rescue the bird as they were very quick. Nasty little thugs! 


From Jane in Norfolk

Today I heard tweeting from my neighbour’s garden.

2 female house sparrows were fighting. Other sparrows were looking on and cheeping.

On the ground I could see what looked like dead babies. It really looked like one of the females was definitely killed as she stopped flapping. The other female carried on attacking the dead body. This was in Norfolk,


This must happen a lot.  I hear about sightings because readers get in touch with me.  Think about how many more such attacks must take place out of sight of human sight.

Very strange and very interesting

Thank you to you both for getting in touch

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