I get people contacting me from all over the world.  Randy from Iowa, USA has been in touch.  Strangely it is very similar to my previous article – Randy says – This is something that I’ve been fascinated by lately. I work in agriculture in northwest Iowa, and there are piles of grain everywhere, which attract a lot of sparrows, and I see these fights a lot. Every few weeks during the spring and summer, it seems. I haven’t actually seen a fatality happen, as the fights move on quickly as the victim bird tries to flee, but because of the viciousness, there is no question in my mind that the only outcomes to these fights would be that the bird dies or manages to escape. There is a lot of food for them where I work (thus why there are so many of them), so I know it’s not a food shortage situation. I’ll hear a bird commotion, a lot of excited sounding chirping, and then I’ll see a group of sparrows ganging up on one particular sparrow, chasing it and viciously attacking it. And I’ve always wondered what it is that sets these fights off


This is from an article in Bird Table News that was published in 2010 Has anyone else seen this happening?

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