From:   The Perfect Gifts for a Bird Lover When thinking of a gift for the passionate bird lover there are a wide variety of options to choose from. These can range from a purely practical type of gift, to something that has an element of fun about it, too.   Helpful Guides A good gift idea for a bird enthusiast who has a particular interest in wildlife and nature, as well as learning more indepth information about birds, is a guide book. Guide books can be useful because as a nature evolves, new creatures will be attracted to new plants and create new habitats that the bird lover can investigate. No one knows everything, so a respected and informative bird guide will also be an ideal present. Another gift idea could be arranging a subscription to a popular bird magazine such as Bird Watch.   Quirky Gifts A Christmas gift with a bird enthusiast in mind should be able to be used throughout the year as although we see different species of birds each season, it should be relevant all year round for all birds.   Suitable Christmas presents could be either a calendar with a bird theme which you could list nature events in, or a yearly planner that they can document any developments in their garden wildlife to see what the birds like and what they don’t.   Bird Feed & Feeders Christmas is the perfect time to buy a bird lover some new bird supplies as they can start using them right through into the new year. Consider buying them some high quality special mix bird feed that is full of proteins for garden birds.   From:   Another birding gift that is essential for every bird lover is a durable bird feeder, The Squirrel Buster is a great example of this; your garden birds can easily access their food whilst animals such as Squirrels and other mammals cannot gain access and steal their food. B ird Spotting WalkFinally, get your bird loving friend out in the outdoors! Research the most popular, or secluded, bird spotting destinations and pack up for the day. You and your loved one can spend the day searching for beautiful species of birds and documenting your day together. are a supplier of garden bird food supplies and hanging bird feeders for wild birds and wildlife. They have a selection of interesting wildlife articles, as well as user submitted photos from around the world. SO WHY NOT VISIT OUR WEBSITE    YOU WILL BE ABLE TO FIND LOVELY GIFTS AND HELP OUR GARDEN BIRDS

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