I’ve received a comment from Vic.  Please read it.


Sparrowhawk visits to my small urban garden in the West Midlands used to be few and far between, but the sparrowhawk visits have now increased to such a huge extent that the usual amount of wild bird food I put out is not being eaten at the end of any particular day.

Rats are on the increase (there are way more rats than people now) and these disease-riddled rodents are being attracted into gardens by night to feast on any leftover bird food.

I keep decreasing the amount of food I put out for the birds but, thanks to sparrowhawk attacks, the little birds are visiting my garden less and less often for fear of being lanced by hawk talons and eaten alive.

I used to be a member of the RSPB but unsubscribed when I realised that the preservation of hawks is more important to them than the livelihood of the beautiful little birds that frequent our gardens and give us all so much pleasure.

I’m sick of seeing plucked feathers plastered all over my garden and have taken a dislike to all manner of hawks. OK, RSPB, sort this carnage out, NOW!


Dear Vic,  I, and many other people, understand your anger and feeling of not being able to do anything. A lot of people seem to have unsubscribed from the RSPB.

There is a webpage called Songbird Survival that you may like to look at

Below is part of a comment from  Gary – Here’s some ideas on how to keep hawks away from your birdtables.

1.Encourage crows to your garden or house roof, these birds will take on both male and females.

2.Another way which a fellow pigeon keeper uses, is to position a large plastic eagle owl on a fence or another suitable place overlooking the birdtable. These birds feed on hawks! At first the others that use the garden will be wary, they soon get use to their plastic guardian.

3.This guy also has a large mirror appro 14×24 inches, which he uses to dazzle the hawks as they harass his birds while they’re flying.

Hope these tips have been helpful.

4.One more thing, check the RPRA website, I believe there’s a petition about hawks, these birds are destroying hundreds of racing pigeons worth a small fortune, while leaving feral ones alone

Note from Trisha – the RPRA is the Royal Pigeon Racing Association

Hope this gives you some ideas and hope Vic


Vic got in touch after reading this post.

I wrote it  in 2010 and readers have been reading and commenting ever since.

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