Shorter days and longer nights – our garden birds need food


It’s coming to the time of year when our garden birds depend on us more than ever for food.

The daylight hours are getting less and so wild birds have less time to find food.  The dark nights are getting longer and colder so birds need more food to see them through the long, cold nights

Less time for them to find more food.  Oh dear!  It could be the death of some of them.

We have supermarkets that are open 24/7 and and homes that shelter us from the cold and dark.  We can’t imagine searching for food and trying to find somewhere warm to sleep.  Birds do this and at the same time they sing and chirp!!  Amazing

I always get a selection of birds in my garden.  They brighten the garden up with their antics and chirping.

I only use ground feeders at the moment.  The blackbirds seem to be first in the garden.  I open the front door and there they are.  Now they will be here  at the crack of dawn. Waiting for food.  Waiting for me.

Some of my feeders are a bit Heath Robinson, but they work at keeping the rooks and crows and pigeons off the food.  These feeders mean the colourful garden birds can feed safely inside the home- made chicken wire mesh / garden mesh feeders that I put the bird food in.

Happy bird feeding folks and if you have any birdy stories / feeding tips or would like to ask about bird feeding etc please get in touch




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