I received this from a worried bird lover –

A gang of very aggressive Magpies have just moved into our area.

I heard a lot of noise and looked out to see a collared dove being carried through the sky by one of them.

It was awful to see and now this morning I heard another loud squabble only to see them laying into one of their own!

I opened the window and they all flew away.

I just hope they don’t hang round here too long as they wouldn’t look out of place in Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds


I hope we aren’t fighting a losing battle trying to help garden birds survive.  Magpies kill so many birds and in Spring  they raid so many nests.  They do so much damage.  One nest of eggs gone in a flash

This is linked to an article I wrote in July 2009 and which readers are still picking up on. I wrote it about a Magpie raiding a blackbirds nest.  If you’d like to read more and read what problems other people have had with Magpies please click the link below

Magpies raiding a blackbirds nest

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