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Carol sent me this:

I found a beautiful dove in my garden today, I thought it had a broken wing. I brought in the house and put it in a nice padded box, i gave it water and covered it with a towel like they told me to.

My husband went to the store for dove bird seed by the time he got home my beautiful bird had passed. I will bury it under my rose of sharon tree and say the  prayer for the beautiful little dove .It’s a very sad day for me and my family. But i know my little beautiful dove is in heaven with jesus. Thank You for this web site.


I replied:

I am so pleased that this prayer is still being read and people are moved by it and it has helped you. It does show how close we can feel to these small birds.

It is always sad to see a dead bird. I feel they look so small when the life energy has gone out of them

It’s so lovely that you tried to save

This is the link  to the post PRAYER FOR A BIRD  which was written in 2009

Prayer for a bird

This is the Prayer:  It need not be a prayer for a sparrow of course.  It could used for any bird

Prayer for the Burial of a Bird

This sparrow died today,

O Lord, Your feathered creature small.

We lay him in the friendly earth

And ask Your blessings on us all



This has beensent in:


Hi Trish Ive sent a readers entry for Bird Table news. Song and Garden Bird survival…

A real dilemma and threat for our precious wild, garden and erbon birds.

Between April and August every year during bird nesting season, thousands of baby and fledgling birds ,are slaughtered needlessly by pet cats…

Instinctively pet cats hunt and decimate nest sights, not for food but purely out of primeval play… How about giving these birds genuine protection ?

If a conservation act was to be implemented to remove the threat from pet cats , say …May to August .This would give these birds,the opportunity to nest and reproduce more safely.

This would mean some kind of forced temporary encarsoration. By the owner of the cat or registered cat pound. This would dramatically help and protect birds , in their struggle…


I do agree with this idea.  I believe that in Australia cats are not allowed out.

What do you think?