A Walk on the Wild Side?

I went for a walk yesterday morning.  Same old path, same old trees, same old view, so I did not take my camera.

Walking in front of me on a path full of mud and puddles  was a blackbird and a few yards further along was a small young rabbit.  They were ‘walking’ together.  Well, the rabbit was sitting then hopping and the blackbird was hopping / walking on the path.  They were close to each other and were aware of each other and were responding to each other.  I was close to them.

I was near a wooded area and wondered if this happened often in among the undergrowth of the overgrown wooded area.

Even more strange is that a few years ago I wrote a story about an unhappy rabbit who was befriended by a bird..  Strange but true

I walked a few more yards and was thinking how lovely the May blossom on the high hedge looked.  The long grass and wild flowers at the base of the hedge was lovely to see.  In among the long grass I saw an large old  hare.  He was sat facing the sun.  His face was looking up at the sun and his ears were flat to his head.  I watched him for a few minutes and he did not move.  I am sure he was enjoying the sun on his face.  My camera has a really good zoom on it.  Minutes passed and he realised I was there and slowly roused himself.  This in itself is strange as hares usually spring off into the distance when disturbed.  Many, many years ago people used to think there was a type of magic connected to hares.  They thought they were magical creatures

Last year I used to see two old hares travelling the fields together.   They moved in unison.  One sat down so the other sat down.  I did not see them often, but I believe they felt secure in the fields they were living in.

I waked a bit further and then had to turn back as my back and legs ached, but there was a spring in my step because of what I’d been lucky enough to see (but not photograph – or even video)


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