Ernst Charles Birdfood


I want some bird food that includes bird food for blackbirds in the mix.  I’ve clicked on the Ernst Charles link on my website.

The way you order bird food from their website has changed.  They are having more stockists stocking their bird food.  Which will be good.

They now have an Amazon link to their bird food on Amazon.  As I am already an Amazon customer I searched around for my password, as I very rarely use Amazon, after trying one or two passwords I got the correct one.

This is the link to their Amazon site

Ernst Charles Birdfood Amazon Shop

They have a variety of bird food. I decided to order some.  It will be good to have it delivered to my door.  I have all sorts of bird food in my back porch which covers most garden birds, but I specifically wanted a bird food that suited blackbirds and thrushes this time.

I will let you know how I come on with the bird food I ordered from Ernst Charles

In the end I ordered


Ernest Charles Ernest Charles Songbird Delight



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