This comment from Tina is in reply to a food list I published which included bread in the list.


Tina said – While agreeing with most of your food list I must take issue with the inclusion of bread. Most human food contains additives/preservatives/too much salt & white bread in particular all three while containing little or no nutritional value. It can fill crops with low energy food when they need high energy esp in cold weather.

All the qualified & experienced groups & people warn against this. If there are people out there unable to afford a mix or proper bird food they will, believe me, put out only bread thinking they have done the right thing as it’s in your list.



I replied – Hi Tina,

  1. Actually in a way I agree with you.  Yet,  if there isn’t any other food about for birds to eat, then surely food with low nutritional value is better than no food at all.If I put bird food out I always soak it in water first. I’ve been told that is a good thing to do.

    It would be interesting to see what other people think


  1. Paul

    I generally just get pigeons coming to my balcony and they’ll eat just about anything. Whilst I go to every effort to buy bird feed in, if I’ve run out and have no other option they get fed bread or rich tea biscuits (why they seem to love by the way). I would rather give them something than nothing at all. We’ve got to be realistic here and let’s face the facts birds will eat anything, especially pigeons. I’ve yet to see a pigeon turn ups it’s nose to a half eaten kebab or burger (probably with chilli sauce) scattered on the pavement. Whilst I respect what the experts say, about the right feed to use, it just won’t deter me from feeding the odd slice of hovis to the birds (or rich tea :)).

  2. Trish Post author

    A lot of people get pigeons don’t they. They are very opportunist birds. You’re right, birds do seem to eat anything.

    The blackbirds in my garden peck at the bread I put out. They could easily choose to find a worm instead.

    I do put a lot of birdfood out, but as you say sometimes it just isn’t possible. Also if a lot of bad weather comes then birds need as much food as they can get.

    I have a lovely receipe of ordinary bird food covered in melted lard and then put out for the birds. No need to make it into a fat ball. the food is just covered in fat. So I do both . I feed birds bird food and also my kitchen scraps.

    Birds also seem to like grated carrot. Has anyone else used grated carrot?

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