Nest Boxes for our Garden Birds – for breeding and for using as roosts

Nest Boxes

There seems to be less natural nesting sites,  so putting a nest box up is more important than ever to help our garden birds.

Early January (or any time in winter) is a good time to put a nest box up because a lot of birds choose their nest sites early and also use nest boxes as roosts.

In winter birds need shelter from wind, rain, snow and freezing weather – winters can be long and hard for birds. In winter some birds stay for 16 hours a day in their roost – which could be the nest box that you bought.

Please get in touch if you have any top tips or have any questions.  Looking after birds is like having pets sometimes isn’t it?

In most cases it is best to use a simple wooden box with opening lid.  If the nest box has a lid that opens it makes it easy to clean the nest box out when the nesting season has finished.   Now is not the time to clean  nest boxes as they could be being used as roosts



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