During this extremely long spell of very wet & very windy weather in the UK, I have been so frustrated at the amount of wet and congealed seed which I have had to throw away when fetching my feeders in every night.


Why cannot companies such as Gardman (who’s feeders I use) design a feeder which is truly weatherproof plus easy to fill and easy to clean. Such feeders are available in the USA (although very expensive) but not in the UK.


I could easily design one myself but have no way of making it. likely to act if others echo my views.  Do other bird lovers feel the same about this? Tony


Hello Tony,
I so agree with all you say. I get so fed up with the bird feed that is wasted – which means that when the birds need it most it is wasted.
I used to bring my bird feeders in on a night when I used hanging feeders.
I am trying to make a waterproof feeder, but it is so difficult
You say you could easily design one yourself.  How would you do it?  I’m looking at ways as well.
I have a meshed ground feeder and I put food in there.  I also put wood, old plastic sheets etc. up against the feeder to keep the food dry.  It does help
Maybe we should pool ideas.  I’m in my 60’s but I do feel strongly about this

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