Bird food

I am looking for a good all round bird food.

I used to be able to buy a large bag of bird food from our local garden centre .  This bird food  suited all the birds that visit my garden.  They don’t stock it any more.  I asked why and was told ‘they seem to stop everything that is good’


So I’ve had to buy different small bags of bird food, which is very confusing.


I particularly don’t want the blackbirds and thrushes to miss out.  A lot of bird food I’ve seen doesn’t cover blackbirds and thrushes.  I could be looking in the wrong places.

The really cold part of winter must hit us soon and I want to be stocked up with bird food as I hate to see my garden birds flitting round an empty bird feeder just as dusk is approaching.   I have a six mile trip before I get to a shop and in the snow that is not a good idea.

Am thinking of using Ernst Charles.  I’ll take a proper look tomorrow, but the beauty of it is it seems good bird food and it can be delivered to my door, as  I’m 64 years old and that is a good thing.  It would mean I don’t have to cart big bags of bird food around.

The image below does not link you to their webpage but the image on the right hand side of Bird Table News does.

Ernest Charles

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