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With help from a lot of people I’ve put together a DVD showing some of the birds that visit my garden and the area around it.

I have videod all the footage myself and enjoyed doing it.

I’ve decided to sell some copies – proceeds to go to (you’ve guessed it) buying bird food for our little feathered friends.

If anyone is interested in buying a copy leave a comment below and I will get back to you and I’ll keep you updated on the bird food I buy.

The price is £10 including postage.

I’ve called it Bird Life on the Wolds




I’ve got an early start this morning so I had to feed the birds very early.

As it’s still dark  I’ve just been outside with a torch and 3 types of bird food.  Their breakfast is now ready and waiting for them!

As I stepped outside into the darkness two birds were singing so loudly in the hedge.  Their bird song went up and down in tone as they answered each other. On this dark, frosty, cold morning  it sounded so wonderful and I hope the bird food I put out is part of their breakfast.  They deserve it!


Bird food

I am looking for a good all round bird food.

I used to be able to buy a large bag of bird food from our local garden centre .  This bird food  suited all the birds that visit my garden.  They don’t stock it any more.  I asked why and was told ‘they seem to stop everything that is good’


So I’ve had to buy different small bags of bird food, which is very confusing.


I particularly don’t want the blackbirds and thrushes to miss out.  A lot of bird food I’ve seen doesn’t cover blackbirds and thrushes.  I could be looking in the wrong places.

The really cold part of winter must hit us soon and I want to be stocked up with bird food as I hate to see my garden birds flitting round an empty bird feeder just as dusk is approaching.   I have a six mile trip before I get to a shop and in the snow that is not a good idea.

Am thinking of using Ernst Charles.  I’ll take a proper look tomorrow, but the beauty of it is it seems good bird food and it can be delivered to my door, as  I’m 64 years old and that is a good thing.  It would mean I don’t have to cart big bags of bird food around.

The image below does not link you to their webpage but the image on the right hand side of Bird Table News does.

Ernest Charles



During this extremely long spell of very wet & very windy weather in the UK, I have been so frustrated at the amount of wet and congealed seed which I have had to throw away when fetching my feeders in every night.


Why cannot companies such as Gardman (who’s feeders I use) design a feeder which is truly weatherproof plus easy to fill and easy to clean. Such feeders are available in the USA (although very expensive) but not in the UK.


I could easily design one myself but have no way of making it. likely to act if others echo my views.  Do other bird lovers feel the same about this? Tony


Hello Tony,
I so agree with all you say. I get so fed up with the bird feed that is wasted – which means that when the birds need it most it is wasted.
I used to bring my bird feeders in on a night when I used hanging feeders.
I am trying to make a waterproof feeder, but it is so difficult
You say you could easily design one yourself.  How would you do it?  I’m looking at ways as well.
I have a meshed ground feeder and I put food in there.  I also put wood, old plastic sheets etc. up against the feeder to keep the food dry.  It does help
Maybe we should pool ideas.  I’m in my 60’s but I do feel strongly about this


This comment from Tina is in reply to a food list I published which included bread in the list.


Tina said – While agreeing with most of your food list I must take issue with the inclusion of bread. Most human food contains additives/preservatives/too much salt & white bread in particular all three while containing little or no nutritional value. It can fill crops with low energy food when they need high energy esp in cold weather.

All the qualified & experienced groups & people warn against this. If there are people out there unable to afford a mix or proper bird food they will, believe me, put out only bread thinking they have done the right thing as it’s in your list.



I replied – Hi Tina,

  1. Actually in a way I agree with you.  Yet,  if there isn’t any other food about for birds to eat, then surely food with low nutritional value is better than no food at all.If I put bird food out I always soak it in water first. I’ve been told that is a good thing to do.

    It would be interesting to see what other people think

Nest Boxes for our Garden Birds – for breeding and for using as roosts

Nest Boxes

There seems to be less natural nesting sites,  so putting a nest box up is more important than ever to help our garden birds.

Early January (or any time in winter) is a good time to put a nest box up because a lot of birds choose their nest sites early and also use nest boxes as roosts.

In winter birds need shelter from wind, rain, snow and freezing weather – winters can be long and hard for birds. In winter some birds stay for 16 hours a day in their roost – which could be the nest box that you bought.

Please get in touch if you have any top tips or have any questions.  Looking after birds is like having pets sometimes isn’t it?

In most cases it is best to use a simple wooden box with opening lid.  If the nest box has a lid that opens it makes it easy to clean the nest box out when the nesting season has finished.   Now is not the time to clean  nest boxes as they could be being used as roosts