Blackbird skimming across the ground


I put bird food out every morning.  Most of it is in ground feeders.  Some of the ground feeders are home made such as fencing wire made into a circular ground feeder.

This morning I saw a black shape simply skimming across the ground inside the bottom of the hedgerow.  For a second I thought it was a black rat.  It was moving like Usain Bolt!

Then is slowed to a stop inside the home made ground feeder and I saw it was a blackbird.  At the moment the blackbirds are always the first to the bird food.  It made its quick pecking movements and flew away into the hedge (yes it flew this time).  Then it hopped back inside the feeder on and off for a while

Another one or two blackbirds were squabbling over some bird food I put under a bush.

I notice a lot of birds hop about on the grass and  seem pretty at home on the lawn and on the ground inside the hedge.  The blackbirds especially seem to ‘run’ about a lot.

I always make sure I have one feeder that’s got holes / spaces big enough for blackbirds to get in.  I also just throw some near a bush and the blackbirds gather round that.

I’ve been getting a big bag of bird food that lasts all winter and feeds nearly every garden bird, but the Garden Centre I go to says the company have stopped doing it.  I will have to find out more

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