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A chaffinch keeps pecking at my patio windows and if I move to another room it follows me and again pecks at that window. It’s been doing this every day for weeks! I’ve read all the Webb advice I can find but apart from removing all my feeders there seems to be no easily practical solution.


Hello, I think it is something to do with a reflection. What happens if you draw the curtains? Here are what has happened in the past.




I don’t know why it happens. As I said I just think it could be something to do with a reflection it sees.  It is strange it has happened over a period of time to different people.

I don’t think there is an easy solution, but I would love to know the answer

There’s such a lot we don’t know about these  birds that visit our feeders.  We see them every day and think we know them.  It is not just chaffinches that do this, blue tits have been seen as well.  It must be a strong urge that makes them fly into glass time and again




The question below was  sent on the 10th November, but I did not receive it until recently.  I replied, but haven’t heard back.  I could not help them with advice but I think it is wonderful that they took time to try to help this little bird


My son is skippering a round the world yacht in a race. They are in the Southern Ocean and have a stowaway swallow that is too weak to fly on board. Any advice at all as to how they could look after it would be very welcome. NB They will have to do it with whatever they have on board, and take it to the nearest rescue centre is not an option as they are >3000 nautical miles from their destination in Australia.