Monthly Archives: October 2013

What is the matter with me?

I have been losing weight since January 2013

I wonder if this weakness is travelling up my body. My chest and back have ached and my head has been more disoriented. I’ve not been able to remember simple words when I’ve been talking.
Now for the first time, my arms, hands and fingers feel weak.

When I eat I feel worse. Find that meat and veg are best

I can’t keep on like this

Weak cannot walk

All day long my body is affected.

Have to lay down

On 10 October. I was supposed to take a sample in to Surgical Outpatients, but I never received the letter until after I had been to the appointment and no one at Hull Royal asked me about it. Does this matter

Still losing weight

My mind – will I get it back to what it was? I forget simple words I want to say. I feel disorientated.

My job! I need my job but feel so weak.

Soft pulsating ache in back and chest

Pernicious anaemia
Atrophic gastritis.

Now feel it in shoulders and back as well

For first time this morning I felt it in my arms, hands and fingers. This is bad

Blood tests – what were results

I am too tired and week to exercise much. I ran a few yards the other day and felt worse. The ache / pins and needles in my stomach was worse and my whole body was worse.

One Robin comes very close to me

From Keran –

Since my dad passed away I have noticed one robin who seems to come very close to me.

When I am gardening it will fly to a foot away.

 Other times it follows me down the path as I fill up the feeders. It sits on the washing line and moves in the wind.

The nearest it has come was when it flew by me and moved my fringe! I always make sure there is food and water for the birds.



What a magical story.  I am sure that little bird gives you comfort, and of, course, you two seem to be connected somehow.  There is a poem  I like and part of it is –

from body to body your spirit speeds on
It seeks a new form when the old one has gone
And the form that it finds is the fabric you wrought
On the loom of the Mind from the fibre of Thought

here is the link to the complete poem