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sept 17 /2013…4 young swallows seem not to have migrated-have seen them flying,but making lot of noise in nest-

is there a chance they could go, or do they need parents to take them…seems sad





Because of these comments, I have been finding out more about this. It seems, as it’s still September, the swallows could be fattening themselves up for the long journey.

Swallows do migrate in October, so there’s time yet for them to migrate and going back to their nest on a night is brilliant – it will be a safe place for them – and warm.

So – they could know they are not fit and fat enough to fly with the others and are waiting for the right momvne.

I hope they are not with you in the middle of October

Let me know what happens to them and thanks for getting in touch and for caring about them


Here’s to Health

I haven’t done much with Bird Table News just lately this is because tiredness / weakness and pain have followed me around for a month or two, so have not been  feeling very well.

It’s so annoying when an illness can’t be seen .  I sometimes wishes I’d broken my arm and then that could be seen to immediately instead of waiting.

It’s taken me all my time to feed the birds, never mind turning the computer on.

One of the things that has cheered me up is seeing all the birds fighting / flapping / twittering / hopping on the grass / scrambling in and  out of the ground bird feeder

I’m OK now though

Wishing you all a Happy and Healthy New Year