Hedgerows are abundant with life and colour at the moment.  There is another world inside our hedgerows as  hedges and verges  provide a home and a food source for so many animals and insects. 

Walking along a country lane that has a wide uncut verge and a high hedge is, to me, much nicer than sitting in a neat tidy garden.

The flowers and grasses that grow are native and they grow year after year without us having to do anything.  Blackberries in among the hedges appear every year – a lovely food source for me and the wildlife. 

There seem to be so many different types of grass.  The different shades  merge with the different shades of the hedges and give an abundance of colour.  I pick a flower and so many small white butterflys emerge from within the canopy of the hedge that I have disturbed.  Birds sing.  Green, white, pink, purple – colour in abundance. 

The brilliant Dock Leaf is dotted here and there.  The dock leaf can stop nettle stings which is an important thing to know if you are a child  exploring outside among the trees, long grass and flowers.  There are always nettles lurking and always dock leaves to help stop the nettle sting.

It would be lovely if  these wild grasses and flowers were thought of as being the Best of British.

Time for a cup of tea now

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