Here are instructions details of what Bev did –  


1-Surrounded the feeder pole with 2″x 4″ wi re mesh.


2- Also put the feeder pole  under and intertwined in a lot of shrubs.  Before this the hawks were powering into the shrubs  and getting the garden birds.


This 2″ x4″ size mesh means the blackbirds,thrushes and starling size birds can also escape into cover as well as the small ones .


The hawks hate it.


3-Ground feeder cages and feeder cages in general have helped a lot too and feeding the birds close to cover.


The wire mesh 2″x4″  has literally been a life saver for her garden  birds.




Hi Bev,  I really think your idea will be a life saver for garden birds. 

Bev has had major problem with sparrowhawks for a few years now –  but she has not given up and now she has found a brilllians solution.   She also says – 


FROM BEV – From our point of view I would like to pass on the following info for any one interested; so far this year (the first time for 3 years)we have NOT  had the same amount of visits and attacks from a number of hawks.


 I can honestly say its been wonderful to see the huge amount of fledglings successfully .  Why i am writing this is because last last year at this time it was a totally different story. Lots of our birds were picked off one by one by a sparrowhawk family of 4!!!I have mentioned the problems in my previous posts. 


Our hawks had no fear of me at all and it really was distressing to loose our birds daily! One time last year we had 4 adult song thrushes each one picked off by the hawks.As song thrushes are on the red list I find the RSBP attitude to hawks being protected shocking!



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