When you have looked after birds through the winter it is sad …

7.30am this morning screeching out side my backdoor and there is a sparrow hawk with a male blackbird, ..    seconds earlier I think I could have saved the little might.


I know that they have to eat and feed their young but when you have looked after these birds through the winter, it heartbreaking to lose one….this is the first time I have seen one in the garden, now I assume it will not be the last!



I received this sad story from Linda.  She wrote in  reply to  an article that started it’s life in 2010.  – Ways to Stop Sparrowhawk Attacks in Gardens.   In case you want to travel back to 2010 here is the link –


It shows what an ongoing problem sparrowhawks are. What can be done?

What Linda says is true we do look after birds, and in looking after them we care for their welfare.

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