This week I have had one or two instances of people caring for wild birds and worrying about them.  We do care.  Somehow birds have woven themselves into our lives.  Here is how  Sue cared.  The prayer Sue mentions is shown below –  please read it and read Sue’s story

From Sue –

Trisha, Thank you for this prayer.  

A young blackbird flew into our window today. I heard the hard thud and guessed what had happened.

I went out and looked and it was still alive so went to get something to pick it up and wrap it in fully expecting delayed tea and a trip to the vet or local rspca but when I came back, only seconds, it had died.

I immediately went and made to bury it getting out little hand gardening tools. I carefully carried the poor little thing to a spot in the border in our garden a dug a hole.

I laid it gently at the bottom then went back to the house. I made tea for the family to leave time for the little bird to come round just per chance it was only stunned but, alas this was not the case.

I pulled some lavender stalks from some of our bushes and laid it around the little body, then gently sprinkled the soil over it and made it neat, finally covering with a sturdy terracotta pot so nothing could come and disturb the little bird. I felt the need to offer something by way of verse or prayer and found your site. Thank you again. S


Sue, Thank you for sharing this with me and for caring.

You see, in 2009 I published the poem below and Sue has found it and it has helped her.  Magic. 

This is from 2009 –

Birds are so alive with bird song and movement.  I read this poem about the death of a bird and thought I would share it with you –

Prayer for the Burial of a Bird

This sparrow died today, O Lord,
Your feathered creature small.
We lay him in the friendly earth
And ask Your blessings on us all.

It made me remember clearly the day last year I found a dead sparrow near our garden gate.  I picked up this dead sparrow.  I was so amazed how light it was in my hand.  Ths feathers and bone together weighed hardly anything at all.  All the energy had gone from it (of course).

One reason I’m glad I started this bird diary is because it reminds me of what happened in the past.   There was nothing to show why this little sparrow had died.

We should treasure birds and enjoy seeing them full of live.  We shouldn’t take for granted their birdsong and their presence in or near our lives.

We should help them where we can.

Lets join together and feed the birds.



This is the link to the 2009 article

I must admit that when I put the poems and nursery rhymes onto Bird Table News I thought that it may seem a bit silly, but I’m glad I did and I will look for some more – or could anyone send me some

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