House Martins.
After 40 years a group of house martins showed interest in our house,

They seemed to squabble over the site!

Shortly after nest building began and what seemed to be a week the large nest seemed complete, yet at least 3 birds were flying in and out making the usual screeching noises. Later there would be a within the nest a bird Being fed by others suddenly earlier this week no further activity has been noticed.
Do families share a nest ? why sudden evacuation?

I have not made notes, the new event was apoint of interest to a casual bird watcher.
peter  (14/06/2013)


It seems families must share nests, because you have seen it happen.  I seem to remember a few years ago someone told me a similar story, but not sure which type of bird it was. 

Not many people will have the luck of being able to watch birds and their nests as close as you can.  I suppose this means that not many people will see what you see – so it could happen a lot.  It’s just it happens out of our view in in their own ‘bird world’. 

It is fascinating isn’t it?  We see birds all the time, but really don’t know everything about them.  Thank you for telling us this.  I wonder if we will get other people writing in now.

Where is Bill Oddie when you need him?!

Also, Is there such a thing as a casual bird watcher?

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