I had a plea for help from a bird lover who could not stop a cat killing her garden birds


This is the reply from a cat owner  with two suggestions which may help –




As a cat owner and bird lover I can see both sides of this issue.


Unlike dogs owners, cat owners cannot be held responsible for their pets actions.  (WHAT THIS MEANS IS THAT LEGALLY CAT OWNERS CANNOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR  CATS ACTIONS, UNLIKE DOG OWNERS WHO CAN).


Some cats hunt some don’t. Even female cats spray to mark what they consider to be their territory. There would be little that the owners could do to stop their cat hunting birds.


I won’t put collars on my cats as I have come across cats injured by accidents caused by collars when I worked for a vet. It sounds as though you need a solution that will work all the time – not just when you can keep an eye on things.

I am not sure how big your garden is but you could prevent the cat from getting to an area set aside for bird feeding by erecting a flexible fence that they cannot climb around this area. Have a look at I am not sure how expensive it would be but it looks almost invisible and the cats can’t climb in.


A fruit cage without the roof netting on would work as well. We have just put a fruit cage up on our allotment. We got it from William James – very reasonable price and not very visually intrusive. Hope this is useful. If you are good at DIY you could make your own.


The two ideas are   – a flexible fence round the bird feeding area


William James – fruit cage with out the roof netting


Thank you for sending this information.


Thanks very much for your help.  The two ideas will hopefully help the person who has had such a desperate time with a cat savaging birds  in the garden.   Also it could help other people in the future


Hi Trish, With regard to the question of cat owners being responsible for their pets actions, I’m sorry, I probably didn’t word it very well. I meant that legally cat owners cannot be held responsible for their cats’ actions, unlike dog owners who can. I live in the country and 2 of our previous cats were much loved by our local farmer because they killed rats on the farm which saved him from having to use poison. They have their moments 🙂

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