Here is a heartfelt plea for advice from a reader  –  Can we help her?

hi there, i came across your website 2 months ago and i like it. I have read several articles you posted on your website including many of the ones about cats killing garden birds.

I was particularly interested in the one about the stray cat you had which sadly killed those two robins. I would like to share with you a frustrating and never ending problem in the hope that you might have some ideas on what i could do. I have been having ongoing problems with a cat for years, it is just the one cat which is a killing machine,always on the lookout to stalk and hunt wildlife. All it does is stalk wildlife. Ive never seen a cat as bad as this one.

Its owners are not responsible and their garden is tiny, i dont even think it is neutered as i have seen it spraying, and it isnt collared either. and it is always coming over to my g arden and other neighbours. It is a stressfull problem as it is just this one cat and despite chasing it out of the garden for years it still comes back. It has treat my garden like its personal little hunting ground for years but i only just got into wildlife 2 years ago so it has been hanging around in my garden for years previously.

Last spring it ambushed pigeons which were eating the fallen seed from a feeder. Hiding in shrubs and charging out to get unassuming birds. It also ambushed other birds i believe, likely ground feeding ones. I got so fed up last year that i took down the feeder for some days, and it affected the birds, they wondered where their feeder had gone to, i was so fed up and sad for the birds i think i cried.

I ended up putting the feeder back up but had to put it really close to the house. I like to treat wildlife equally and i dont hold the view like many others do that certain birds are vermin. I like the pigeons too but they are always the most vulnerable, aswell as the blackbirds and others. This cat is a nightmare and will always hang around when i am not around. I discovered it hanging around right by my back door last week, stalking birds which feed from the feeder. I could not believe it. When i opened my window it ran off. As i assumed it would stay away. It usually sits in a spot at the bottom of the garden where it can see all the feeders, and it uses this as its stalking path. I have approached the owners in the past and they were very ignorant, they didnt want to know and i had been polite to them. They were actually abusive when i finally went round to confront them in person. I had sent a polite letters before which they ignored. That was when their cats were defecating on my front lawn and it was causing a health hazard. Now i rarely get any cat feces on my front lawn, but the problem with the one cat remains.

Their other cats are not a problem, they do spray their urine which smells awful in milder weather, but its the killing of wildlife that holds my concern. Its only this one cat, and if i chase it out of my garden it will move on to the next, which is what happened last week, i observed it chasing birds and stalking the neighbours table. I feel really frustrated with the problem us compassionate people face. Its a really sad situation over here where we live as those who dont own cats have no rights, and even the RSPB and other places pander to cat lovers.

I had thought of buying deterrents but i cant use a sonic deterrent because it affects other animals, smaller animals. and the water sprayer is very expensive and im worried this cat is too sly and clever. Though it has got very good reviews Do you have any advice or suggestions? Im so frustrated , because this cat will be hanging around early morning at 4am onwards as we all know that spring is prime hunting season for cats. And i have been lucky to get more ground feeding birds lately, more than ever, such as dunnocks, blackbirds and even a song thrush! All of which are so vulnerable. I have been thinking hard about what i can do to protect them, and i plan to plant prickly shrubs, but i feel sad that i have to go to all this because of one cat. I fear that whatever i do it will find a way around it. Its a nightmare, id actually happily have the other cat in my garden instead,as that one isnt much interested in wildlife please reply,thanks


Could you put barbed wire on the boundary fence.  I know someone who did that and it stopped the cat and saved the birds.

In Australia cats are not allowed out.  Wish it was the same here.  Cats get fed at home, which means they are always strong and healthy so find it easy to catch birds.  Our garden birds have to search for food and never have a safe environment to go to.  It is so one sided in the cats favour.  I feel for you.

Does anyone else have any ideas?


  1. Fiona

    As a cat owner and bird lover I can see both sides of this issue. Unlike dogs owners, cat owners cannot be held responsible for their pets actions. Some cats hunt some don’t. Even female cats spray to mark what they consider to be their territory. There would be little that the owners could do to stop their cat hunting birds. I won’t put collars on my cats as I have come across cats injured by accidents caused by collars when I worked for a vet. It sounds as though you need a solution that will work all the time – not just when you can keep an eye on thingsll. I am not sure how big your garden is but you could prevent the cat from getting to an area set aside for bird feeding by erecting a flexible fence that they cannot climb around this area. Have a look at I am not sure how expensive it would be but it looks almost invisible and the cats can’t climb in. A fruit cage without the roof netting on would work as well. We have just put a fruit cage up on our allotment. We got it from William James – very reasonable price and not very visually intrusive. Hope this is useful. If you are good at DIY you could make your own.

  2. mick

    Spray water at the cat(s) with a high-speed water pistol. That will deter most cats. If it continues, use vinegar instead of water. It won’t do the cat any lasting harm.

  3. STEVE

    On the ledge between our bungalows i have been watching and feeding a pair of b birds they had one lot of young then another three.I came home tonight and the whole nest has gone.A white cat from across the road has been watching this nest for weeks it lives on the other side of the road,nothing to do with me.I have decided to trap it and take it bout 20 miles away and release it.Hopefully it will get on in its new surroundings or not..

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