Hey there,


I found a baby chaffinch in our forestry block all alone on the floor, after have a close look at it, the circulation in its leg had been cut off by dog hair, feathers etc which I’m guessing are from the nest.


It could hardly walk so I brought it in to bathe the poor things leg and try remove some of the paraphernalia.


I was just wondering if you could help me out with how often they feed and what they’d prefer? It’s been happily munching on tiny bits if apple, but I don’t want to over or underfeed it.


I I’d appreciate it.. It’s the cutest little thing around!



Stan sent this.  I have replied to him but wonder what advice other people would give him.  I also asked him which country he lived in

2 thoughts on “BABY CHAFFINCH IN THE FOREST – Advice requested

  1. Emma smith

    Baby sparrow fell out of nest in our Wisteria, full feathers but a male chaffinch went in and attacked it, the male sparrow came in and protected it , why would a chaffinch do this ?

  2. Trish Post author

    Sorry I haven’t replied before. I cannot understand things like this.

    I have a catergory called BIRD EATING BIRD – and I also have a category called DO SPARROWS ATTACK OTHER BIRDS. Maybe I should have a category called BIRDS ATTACKING OTHER BIRDS
    Strange things seem to go on in Bird World. Really it could be for any reason – wanting more space for its own chicks, different type of bird so wanted it out of the way. Does anyone have an idea I wonder

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