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Blackbirds and Thrushes

I have some blackbirds and thrushes feeding together in such a flurry.  As soon as I put the food out they  skim past me and tuck into the  bird food – ignoring me in the process.  They are united in this urgency.  They know with certainty that in two minutes the rooks will be descending. 

It’s a case of try and outwit the rooks – placing the bird food in places where they can’t reach.

I’m getting a close up view of these large rooks and they are so large and  just have an arrogant look about them.  I suppose they know they rule the roost so to speak

I outwit them in the end.

The Ash Tree – I hear your voice on the wind’s breath

They say you’re a tree not a person,

You’re not flesh and bone you are wood.

But the things that we like make us joyful

And joy is a gift borne of love.


They say that your limbs are but timber

And instead of a skin you have bark,

But I hear  your voice on the wind’s breath

And I feel your pulse in my heart.


They say in this life there’s a season

And a time when the hour is nigh

And always they say there’s a reason

Why all things that flourish should die.


They say that a tree cannot suffer

That a trunk can’t feel anguish and pain

But I see but blood where the sap flows,

And I’ve touched your vibes in your frame.


They say that you don’t have a spirit

But come the day your life must end.

forgive me my tears, I mourn not the tree –

But the death of a long-standing friend.


Gillian Walsh

Why have all the birds left the garden?

Can anyone explain or help answer my question!


I’ve been feeding birds in the garden since I moved to my current address in March and have had daily visitors of bluetits a robin, chaffinches, a jay and even a woodpecker.


last Friday the birds reduced in number and now I’m lucky if I see two or three a day.


Birdfeeders that I emptied daily remain full .  Nothing in the surrounding area has changed so I remain confused ?



Could there be a sparrowhawk in the area?  Have you seen one?

It’s strange that you have so many different types of birds missing from your garden.

Strangely, I had a woodpecker in my garden today. We have an small, old tree and it was merrilly ‘tapping’ / ‘drilling’ away at it.  So it is strange that your woodpecker has gone and that the others have disappeared.

Has there been any building work nearby?  I ask this because my garden was so quiet one day and all the birds had disappeared.  It turned out that there was some work being done just outside the garden.  The work only went on for one day so the garden birds were soon back.

Let me know if you see a sparrowhawk in the area or if there is any building work going on

I’ll put your question on Bird Table News in case anyone can think of another reason


Hey there,


I found a baby chaffinch in our forestry block all alone on the floor, after have a close look at it, the circulation in its leg had been cut off by dog hair, feathers etc which I’m guessing are from the nest.


It could hardly walk so I brought it in to bathe the poor things leg and try remove some of the paraphernalia.


I was just wondering if you could help me out with how often they feed and what they’d prefer? It’s been happily munching on tiny bits if apple, but I don’t want to over or underfeed it.


I I’d appreciate it.. It’s the cutest little thing around!



Stan sent this.  I have replied to him but wonder what advice other people would give him.  I also asked him which country he lived in