It’s all been worth it.  All the searching in the old sheds for ‘something’ that would keep the bird food dry during this continual snowfall has been successful.  As soon as I put bird food out it is covered by the falling snow.  This is bad for the starving birds and bad because the bird food that I have bought is wasted in the snow.


I found an old plastic box about 3 foot by 4 foot – without a lid.  I turned it on it’s side.  Now it has a floor, 2 side walls, one back wall and a ceiling.  The opening leads into this covered space.  The snow cannot fall on the birdfood.  I’ve put some birdfood inside this ‘bird shelter’ and it’s been lovely to see the blackbirds, sparrows and other birds concentrating on eating the bird food that is inside it.  It was only there a few minutes and my feathered friends were taking advantage of it.


I have lost my camera, so I cannot give you a photo to show you exactly what I mean.


I have also managed to cover my meshed ground feeder with more bits of wood, plastic and other bits of rubbish.  Now the snow cannot fall through the mesh (well not much can fall through the mesh). Again it’s been worth it because from my kitchen window I have seen a robin and some other birds I could not make out.  Again they were intent on eating the seed and peanuts.


It must help them survive the freezing nights.


It was freezing cold being out in the snow, wind and freezing weather, and at one point I wondered why I was bothering.  But I’m glad I did.


Now I’ll have to get to the shops somehow over the next few days.  Food for us, food for the dog we are looking after and food the these garden birds.


A mixed flock of birds is using my garden as a feeding area.  I see and hear so many as they fly inside or along the hedge.  When I say a ‘mixed flock’  I mean so many different birds seem to unite as one flock and work in harmony getting the bird food.  Blackbirds, blue tits, sparrows, chaffinches, starlings and many more unite together in one colourful flock.


It’s a good job I’ve been here all day today.

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