Bev has some ideas for us

Hi Trish,

Just read about keeping bird food dry in wet weather and winter.

I too find it a challenge and am looking to use a few things in winter that I have done in the past few months.

For the last few months I have bought and used two large 1mtr x 1mtr greenhouse potting trays from a garden centre and one from e-bay.

  • I stand them on the ground in 2 different parts of the garden and place one mesh ground feeder in one for the large birds, jays pheasants even a duck and that seems to collect spilt food and easy to clean if theres any left at the end of the day!
    Of course I cant cover that but the large birds eat wet food and if the feeders are wet that day I tip that food in and put fresh out in dry feeders. 
    The trouble is its expensive but the food isn’t wasted. I only put it out that day as wet food isn’t good left out!
  • In the second tray I put the caged feeder in at the moment but am going to get another tray . The kids are saying we know what you want for xmas mum ! How sad am I !!
  • I have tried out the following two ideas.IDEA NUMBER ONE
    Put the tray or food on the ground (I always use a mesh tray feeder so the food drains if wet) ,then put two large garden pots one on either side and place a larger wider plank on the top high enough for blackbirds to go in but not too high for the rain to blow in too easily. This works ok if its not too windy!


Idea number two to follow tomorrow!

Bev, your’re not sad, you’re brilliant!  I’ve had so many different birds, all different sizes and colours at my bird feeders today.  It’s been like the M62 in my garden!  But I know such a lot of bird food gets wasted in bad weather.  It means the birds aren’t getting as much food and I’m wasting my money!


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