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  • Is to put the food in the caged feeder underneath a patio or picnic table in a corner of the garden.Again this might work if not too windy but tried it in the snow last year and worked well as long as the snow isn’t blowing,as then you have to keep clearing it which is a pain but at least the birds go in happily and can eat in peace as haven’t yet seen a sparrow hawk try to get under to get to the birds but I guess that could change depending how hungry they are in winter!!It certainly is difficult to keep the food dry and safe to eat in winter but at least it stays dry longer than if just left uncovered.


The large garden trays are so useful as they keep any spilt food inside and much easier to clean , which keeps the birds healthy. At the end of the day I just pick it up wipe it down with Arklense and hose or rinse it off so its clean and ready for the next day.

Before it was much more difficult to clean the ground especially in winter and we used to spend ages clearing up other wise spilt food is a hazard for birds if it goes mouldy and also can be attractive to any vermin .

 I don’t think there is a simple way to keep food dry all the time but at least this helps to keep it drier a lot longer.

Kind regards Bev.


It’s so true that keeping a bird area clean is important.  As you say if it goes mouldy it can be a hazard to birds and attract vermin

Bev, I hope other people pick up on your ideas.  It’s surprising how Google  works.  If someone types in ‘ keeping bird food dry’ they may land up on your two pages and use your good ideas and tips.  Cheers

Thanks for your practical and helpful ideas.

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