Dawn was breaking when I heard the first blackbird of the day. 

I could follow his call as he flew from one corner of the bird feeding area to the other,  so  I went outside in the morning gloom and  scattered wild bird seed and  and an apple that was going soft.  Blackbirds, especially, love apple and will peck it to nothing in a short time.

There was also some mild cheese in the fridge so I used a bit of that as well.

The other usual suspects arrived singing / chirping happily, so I put the rest of the bird food out in my makeshift bird feeders.  I counted that I put birdfood in 7 different places in the garden.

When daylight arrived I could see from the kitchen window so many brightly coloured birds at the feeders.

Here’s one of them

They are such small birds in such a big world!

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