I have had two comments yesterday,which were similar, because they are about birds being preyed on.

John says –

It’s a load of rubbish “sparrowhawks go for the weaklings  They attack so silently and swiftl.  They will kill and eat any bird up to the size of a pigeo.  In fact one of their favourite  meals of recent years is the very fit, well muscled racing pigeon, and is well hated for its constant attacks on them.


Stan says –

I was raised in a rural NZ region and  have always lived with animals- cats especially.   The little darlings certainly may catch birds, but most times they’ll bring prey back home to exchange for praise & tastier nibbles !

The poor bird will usually be shocked (and often needs a dark warm place to recover), but  perhaps half of the birds we’ve had delivered survive to fly off.    But in my experiences cats far prefer mice (which they play with and eventually  EAT), and they do mankind an immense favour by keeping rodents at bay.



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