Wren confidently and happily hopping up to me – 2 inches away from me!

Hello Readers 

I’ve been feeding birds for ages, but often get surprised by these garden birds


Yesterday I was sat outside about 7am (yes I know!)  I was sat on the doorstep (for no other reason than to sit and do nothing for a moment)


There was a rustle in the shrub nearby.  A shadow of something on the ground under the bush.  What was it?  Not a mouse I hoped!!!  Oh no!


Out sprung / hopped a small wren. 

It can’t have seen me because it came confidently  hopping towards me.  It was so small, yet it was so full of energy and life.  I could feel its energy.  It was only a few inches from me and I was watching it intently.  It still kept hopping happily and confidently towards me.


Yes, this is a wren I’m talking about.  That small little bird that always hides in the hedges and that is so hard to see.


I wondered when it would stop, if it would stop.  Would it hop onto my hand!  What was happening here.  It stopped and hopped. Stopped and hopped


Then all of a sudden it looked and saw me.  That is the end of the story


Maybe it comes to the front door step every morning, but I can’t think why


Photographs of wrens


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