Elaine got in touch –

We  have a swallow that has not migrated with the rest of it’s family – it sits in our open garage almost all day – only flying out if we go in there – then it calls out when flying –


 it’s very very sad as we think he has no-one to follow so doesn’t know what to do – is he doomed to die ? Could we do anything to help 


I replied

I have never heard of anyone being able to save a swallow that has been left behind. There wouldn’t be any way to feed it. Sorry I haven’t replied before but I am having internet and computer problems At least you have a nesting place for the swallows that return next year Trisha

BUT THERE MAY BE HOPE!  This is from Elaine

Thankyou for your reply – someone has told us that swallows are still gathering a few miles from here – if we could catch ours ( very tricky I know ! ) & take it to the mere there is a chance instinct would kick in & it would stay & leave when they do.


This is the last ditch option , obviously.


Apparently some do stay until November so we are hoping that our young one might yet find a way ……… I’m sure it would if only a few of them flew over to remind it what it is supposed to do ! Fingers crossed , that we have a happy outcome. Regards Elaine

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