Keeping pigeons away from bird food can take up so much time and it needs ingenuity  from everyone who feeds birds.


Here is one idea that works. Sandy sent it in and is going to send a photo.


Hi Trish, It works! I put the glass containing the sultanas/raisins on the lawn covered with an upside down hanging basket.

The pigeons were very clever and managed to knock over the glass to get to the food, so I’ve secured the glass with tent pegs! The pigeons poked their heads through but could not get to the food and have now given up.


I’ve tried to get a photo of them trying in vain but they kept flying off, I have however got a lovely photo of the blackbird inside it, and also a very clever squirrel on a “squirrel proof feeder”! Kind regards, Sandy



Hi Sandy,

Thanks for getting in touch again.  It’s nice to hear from you.  I haven’t given it a try yet, but will do soon.  I use canes in a circle and then put wire mesh round the canes.  I then put the birdfood inside the canes.  It does keep the rooks, crows and pigeons away.


I’m still trying to sort a way of keeping bird food dry when it is raining or snowing.  That is so difficult

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