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Bev’s Garden Wonderland with help from some guardian birds

Hi Trish,
Glad to see you back with bird table news!


I agree that there are two many sparrow hawks and the song birds seem to be really suffering in numbers these days.


I have indeed joined song bird survival a few weeks ago and find it very useful and interesting. Anything we can do to help the decline of our song birds is well worth doing I believe!


I didn’t realise we had four sparrow hawks visiting our garden until two weeks ago. I knew we had a male and female but then a smaller male and female appeared in a tree at the top of the garden. I think they may possibly be the offspring of the two adults, consequently its doubled our predator population. If all the song bird population would double to the same extent we wouldn’t have a such a decline in song birds.


At last the jays and jackdaws have returned to the garden after a short spell away and boy did we miss them! I have seen swallows chase and mob the male hawk a few times but of course they have now gone to warmer climates till next year! I thought sparrowhawks owned territories but obviously in our area there seems to be room for 4 they think! Anyway the wire trellis round shrubs, bamboo canes and caged feeders really seem to help most of the time.
We were very upset last week when we were watching a nuthatch hiding a peanut in our stone wall when suddenly the male sparrow hawk swooped down and took him away! He certainly wasn’t sick or weak when his life came to an awful end!


Anyway the jackdaws are on “patrol” again so I feel a bit happier. They seem to think our garden is theirs and 12 or so are always perched in the trees during the day watching and eating. The other birds all eat when they are around too including the jays so its nice to see.


There’s often a standoff between two of the jackdaws and a male pheasant who always makes them wait until he has had his fill of food.


The crows are across in the wood at the moment they come on the garden occasionally now but more in nov/dec .While the jackdaws are in the trees all is well on the garden and the birds seem to know it and there’s a feeding frenzy going on at the moment as I write this!
Kind regards, Bev.


Elaine got in touch –

We  have a swallow that has not migrated with the rest of it’s family – it sits in our open garage almost all day – only flying out if we go in there – then it calls out when flying –


 it’s very very sad as we think he has no-one to follow so doesn’t know what to do – is he doomed to die ? Could we do anything to help 


I replied

I have never heard of anyone being able to save a swallow that has been left behind. There wouldn’t be any way to feed it. Sorry I haven’t replied before but I am having internet and computer problems At least you have a nesting place for the swallows that return next year Trisha

BUT THERE MAY BE HOPE!  This is from Elaine

Thankyou for your reply – someone has told us that swallows are still gathering a few miles from here – if we could catch ours ( very tricky I know ! ) & take it to the mere there is a chance instinct would kick in & it would stay & leave when they do.


This is the last ditch option , obviously.


Apparently some do stay until November so we are hoping that our young one might yet find a way ……… I’m sure it would if only a few of them flew over to remind it what it is supposed to do ! Fingers crossed , that we have a happy outcome. Regards Elaine