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18 Loaves of bread a week

I was in a shop today and an elderley Gent was in the queue before me.


He was buying about 6 loaves of bread.  The shop assistant asked him if he was stocking up for winter


the Old Gent’s face lit up as he said –


‘ I buy 18 loaves of bread a week to feed the birds with.  I love seeing them in my garden.


  • Brok said,

    The balance of nature requires that there should be raptors.They take and dispose of the diseased, the sick and the weak.Raptors like the beautiful sparrow hawk are as essential to the well being of the prey species as the lion is to the great herds of the African plain. The metabolism of birds is such that they cannot go very long without eating and raptors will endeavour to capture a meal wherever they can. Although we may be distressed to see a capture and kill, to allow for this is to assist in nature’s great scheme. Logically, to set up barriers is pure nimbyism. NIMBY – not in my back yard.

     I wonder what will happen when the (encouraged) Jays and their cousins the Magpies decide that the meagre pickings of the bird table are not sufficient for their winter metabolism and that a Blue tit or Dunnock or two would make an ideal dietary supplement. Or do we not believe in the predatory instincts of the crow familly?

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  • Bev said,

  • Perhaps its in natures great scheme for the sparrow hawks that visit our garden to catch All 4 song thrushes one by one so that soon there will be none surviving.We have 4 sparrowhawks living within a short distance here and they decimate the gardens. Not to mention the bull finches blackbirds, long tailed tits taken before our eyes feeding with young not ill or weak at the time. Bull finches too are in decline .

    I will continue to try and help our songbirds survive as long as nature and man permits and while a sparrow hawk is a very handsome bird to see we do not wish to see it on our garden in great numbers. While ever the jays and jackdaws chase it away (well thats nature too ) they will continue to be fed on our garden eating nuts and birdcake we put out for them daily. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and enjoyment gained from helping to try and sustain song bird numbers by feeding birds in their gardens

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    Hello Brok and Hi Bev

    Brok,  I know the predatory instincts of the crow family, but sparrowhawks do so much damage and carnage

    Garden birds have enough problems without sparrowhawks decimating an area.   I don’t think people realise how much damage they do.   The garden birds come to see a garden as a place of safety and a source of food.  feeding helps them all through the year, especially during winter.  I know you won’t agree but there are just too many sparrowhawks.

    Sparrowhawks don’t just take the weak and the old.  I have seen a sparrowhawk catch a young, healthy blackbird.  Sparrowhawks take anything that is there and come back until there is nothing left to kill

    Bev,  Did you take a look at Songbird Survival?

    I’ve been computerless and then internet problems came, so it’s good to be back to Bird Table News



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