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I have a blue tit that keeps craching into a window.

I’m sure it’s to do with reflection.

I have a demented juvenile blue tit crashing between my bathroom (frosted) window and my neighbour’s identical bathroom window (about 3 yards away) directly opposite like a ping pong ball! Starts at about 0630 every morning (it’s now September) and goes on intermittently throughout the day. Silence (relief) at night.

Been going on now for nearly a fortnight. Tried all your suggestions without any luck. Thinking of fitting cardboard on the outside the window – to block all reflection. Hopefully it should stop him ‘attacking’ himself. We’ll see…


What amazes me is how the blue tits survive.  They must hurt themselves crashing into glass, yet they don’t stop.  I’ve tried to find out more, but cannot.  I wonder – is the blue tit different in some way to all the other wild birds?

As they only fly into glass I suppose the only way is to put something over the glass window and make it so the blue tit cannot see any glass, but that is easier said than done.

I hope it stops soon.  It must be upsetting seeing it happen

Replying to Readers

I usually try and reply to people who get in touch with me, but I have a bit of a  backlog at the moment.

Problems with the house and other things have cut into the time I can spend with Bird Table News.  Things will be back to normal soon.

I’m still feeding the garden birds every day. I counted how many different places I put bird food out and I put birdfood in 8 different places in the garden!!  No wonder all these garden birds look fat and happy

Take care



Hi Trisha,

I posted a comment in May about a blackbird friend.

Well, I didn’t see him for a while,as I was poorly for a long period,but carried on leaving diced apple.

So last month, I got back in the garden and he showed up after a week or so,but acting strange,like he was in a huff with me.

Since I’ve been talking and whistleling to him again,he’s back chirpy as ever.
Don’t blackbirds seem very intelligent creatures!


  • Trish said,
    Hi Beverley,
  • Indeed they do!

  •  It shows your black bird friend missed you. So that shows blackbirds have feelings and can remember people – and so that means they can remember who has been feeding them.It was very kind of you to think of your blackbird friend when you were ill. That again shows the connection we have with wild birdsI hope you are better now. It’s a pity we can’t communicate in a way that would let your blackbird friend know you’d been ill!!!!

    What a lovely happening. thank you for telling us about it.

    Keep in touch and I hope you enjoy Bird Table News.

    I haven’t been doing as  much with Bird Table News as I usually do – but this is because of house problems, but I think I’ve got them sorted.