The Cat Will Win


Hello,  I have noticed how fierce blackbirds can be if a cat is around. They seem to dart about on high alert with a high pitched squeak.

I have even seen one confront a cat on the lawn by dancing around it on the grass with its feathers raised.


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I agree with you. I’ve seen it as well. In a way it’s very sad because it means the blackbird is defending it’s young or other blackbirds.

The cat is bound to win in the end. The cat goes back home, gets fed well, does not have to hunt for food so does not get tired, it can sleep all night and then go hunting again the next day strong and powerful.

The blackbird on the other hand is wasting a lot of valuable feeding time as it tries to frighten the cat away – if it does not feed well it will be weak.

If the cat comes on a night and the blackbird has to spend all night trying to keep the cat away – then the blackbird’s strength is weak for the following day.

Either way the cat wins in the end

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