Pigeons and Magpies

This question from John is in response to  HOW TO KEEP PIGEONS AWAY FROM BIRD TABLES  http://birdtablenews.com/2009/07/keeping-pigeons-away-from-bird-tables/

Trisha, Like you I am inundated with pigeons and magpies which are eating all the food and keeping the smaller birds away.

I put sultanas and raisins out for the blackbirds and I have a table and a feeding station. The magpies have eaten all the fatballs and coconut suets and the pigeons have eaten everything else.

They can’t get to the food on the bird station but they stand underneath waiting for seed to drop from the feeders when the sparrows, dunnocks and bluetits come. How can I stop them on the bird station please


  • Hi John, I’ve had the same problem as you. I don’t know if you will stop birds from standing underneath a feed station.  You could put canes round the feed station – but they would have to be so close together that they couldn’t get through.
  •  One of the answers is to put the food in caged feeders. Hanging caged feeders or a ground feeder. with a ground feeder the mesh is small so only small birds can get into the feeder. The problem is that blackbirds can’t get in.

    To help the blackbirds and thrushes I’ve put some garden canes into the soil and made a small circle with these canes.  I then put some large sized wire mesh around as well.   I put bird food inside this circular, tent shaped bird feeder!  The larger birds can’t get in but the smaller ones and the blackbirds and thrushes love it. Photo to follow

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