What is the answer? Let’s ask the RSPB

I received this from a reader today

I am totally dismayed and horrifield by what has happened and continues to happen in my surrounding area.


5 years ago I used to sit in my sunlounge watching and listening to the beautiful small birds in my garden and round about. Unfortunately a pair of Magpies moved into a large tree a couple of doors away.


To begin with the other birds outnumbered them and managed although attacked to raise some youngsters.


The situation today is unbearable and I feel so helpless, we are inundated with Magpies and they have just about distroyed the small bird population.


I no longer sit and watch my beloved birds as basically there aren’t any left, just the odd survivor and empty egg shells littered about. I see myself as an animal lover but I must admit I detest Magpies and what they are doing to our songbirds.

1 thought on “What is the answer? Let’s ask the RSPB

  1. Trish Post author

    Hello, thanks for getting in touch. Do the magpies fly into the hedge? I suppose they do. I know they can cause a lot of carnage in a hedge as they fly along and visit all the nests taking / destroying the eggs, and therefore destroying the next generation of songbirds

    Please visit the Songbird Survival Website. they are trying to save songbirds with science and are doing so much to help our garden birds. Just type in songbird survival

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