Standing Guard over a Blackbird

My wife and I have been watching a Blackbird nest for the past month or so, the female laid two eggs in the nest which is in a Wisteria growing up our garden shed, the nest is only about four feet off the ground.


The eggs hatched after 10 days or so, and we have had a great deal of pleasure watching the parent birds going in and out feeding their young. Just yesterday, we discovered that one off the babies had left the nest and was found under one of our hedges close to the fence panels. It was being visited by the parent birds regularly.


Now, all of a sudden we are being pestered by a Sparrowhawk who is obviously after a quick meal. Both, myself and my wife have spent the whole day standing guard and trying to scare the hawk away when ever it appears.


I love birds of prey normally, and feel very privileged to have one visit our garden, but we have formed a special relationship with our family of Blackbirds and would hate to see anything happen to them. Isn’t nature cruel sometimes?


Hi Chris

Nature is cruel sometimes.   We forget don’t we, how uncivilised nature is and always has been

BUT  – the sparrowhawk population is causing a lot of damage to garden birds

Take a look at the Songbird Survival website

they are trying to save songbirds with science

thanks for getting in touch.  You aren’t alone with sparrowhawks taking songbirds, and you aren’t alone in spending time in the garden trying to protect the garden birds.

I get quite a few readers who spend time in the garden trying to keep birds of prey away.  They go to a lot of lenghts to try and protect the garden birds as well.  Maybe we should start a club.


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