Laurel Hedge Problem – Have you had the same problem?

We have a laurel hedge that a lot of birds use for nesting and for roosting on a night in winter. 

We are having a problem with this hedge and have asked advice from RV Rogers, Nurserymen,  at Pickering, North Yorkshire.  They have given us very good advice.

Here are some photos of our problem.  Has anyone else got the same problem or have more advice on how to get our healthy hedge back

There is also a photo of a plum tree that has the same disease

Laurel Hedge needing Help

Photo Number 2

Problem with our Laurel Hedge

Plum Tree with the same disease

Plum Tree Needing Help

4 thoughts on “Laurel Hedge Problem – Have you had the same problem?

  1. Graham Upperton

    Hi – I know this post is now quite aged but, yes, we do have the same problem! Did you ever find a solution, please? Thanks a lot. Graham

  2. Trish Post author

    Hello Graham, Sorry I haven’t replied before. We think we have found a solution and we are so pleased as we didn’t want the tree to die. A horticulturalist is helping us. He found out it is a mite and he has sprayed the hedge twice. he is going to spray it again in September. Our Hedge is long and tall. He has also trimmed it and made it neater. Part of this hedge is looking well, but the other end of the hedge isn’t so good. He said the part with the most sun will be the worst. He has a lot of knowledge

    If this does not work someone else has said we should cut the hedge right down to about 3 fet high. I don’t want to do this as this hedge gives a lot of cover to birds and it is nice having an evergreen hedge. But I have been told that Laurels grow back quickly. Let me know if you want any more details – such as contact details

  3. tony baskill

    Hi Trish I have what appears to be the same problem. How did the September spray go?

  4. Trish Post author

    Hello Tony, The Laurel hedge is doing really well. It wonderful in fact!
    We forgot to get it sprayed in September. Richard came yesterday (14th April) and sprayed the hedge and put some fertiliser on. He left a note saying ‘I think the hedge is still improving’. That is an understatement. he has saved the hedge.
    Would you like his contact details. He may not live near you but am sure he could give you some information.

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