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We have 3 new swallows nests this year in our summerhouse, which is normal as in previous years.

But yesterday the swallows have suddenly disappeared.

Is this due to the bad weather? Any eggs laid will not now hatch if they do return. Any views would be welcome.


  • I know this weather is bad for garden  birds, so it will be for swallows. When chicks hatch and then the nest gets soaked – that of course means chick deaths.

    I think you are saying that there are only eggs in the nest.

    June should be sunny and warm with insects in the air,but it’s not, so that will be bad for swallows


    the above link says that in wet weather swallows find it hard to find food. But I suppose we all realise that.

    It could be that they didn’t have enough food for themselves and so did not have enough energy. It would be nice if there were supermarkets for birds wouldn’t it?

  • We used to have so many swallows near the old sheds and flying around all summer.  Now we only have a handful.  What will happen in years to come I don’t know


    I have become abit of an anorak since retiring last summer, about the greedy crows and magpies gulping back my expensive bird food from the table/feeders.


    I have an elaborate system of string tied around the table now, which works pretty well.


    However! I have just received a BB gun I sent off for online! It was only around £25 including 500 pellets, and is pretty rubbish power and aim wise, BUT the crows/magpies seem to be getting the message. They do NOT like it!


    I (sadly!) wait inside my upstairs bedroom window, gun fully loaded, and wait……….( if I load the gun when they appear, they hear it and vamoose! Quick learners, them darn crows!) Think I hit a magpie the other day- he hopped across the garden, turned to where he had been- his face was a picture! Shock/horror! And flew off pronto. So there’s an idea for you.


    Cheap, effective, harmless……and Fun! (Oh, yes it is!) Get the rifle form- better aiming. Mine is spring loaded, no need for gas cylinder refills



    Hello Anita,
    I agree – we can waste so much money buying bird food for the garden birds only to see it eaten by crows / mapgies / rooks – and so on!

    A BB gun. I’ll have to find out more about them.

    I think that everyone who puts bird food out has a ‘bird feeding clock’ that they go by, so I can understand why you wait for them to appear.  they are birds of habit and if they know what is going to be waiting for them they should surely stop visiting you.

    Farmers use a loud ‘banger’.  I’ve forgotten the proper name for it.  It is on a timer and lets off a very loud noise every so often.  It does it automatically so it can be left without human help and automatically frightens crows and rooks away






    I’ve noticed that when I’m gardening and wearing something red that my local robin is far bolder and will ‘dive bomb’ close to my head or stand within 2 feet of where I’m working.



    What a lovely story.  You’ve got a friend there.  Take care of this little robin!