We can’t have summer without swifts

Hi.   it’s may 2012 now and we have not had a return of our swifts this year.

We had about 8 nesting last year and around 30 flying every day.

This year we have been eagerly waiting because surely summer can’t start without them but they havn’t arrived yet  – and only about 4 pairs flying about.

What a sad loss


Hi Enid,  I agree it is a sad loss.

It’s something that is out of our control.  We can only watch and hope they return.

We are the same here in Yorkshire, but more so with swallows for us.  Over the years the numbers have dropped.

Is it the change in weather?  Is it people catching the  birds?  Is it a lack of insects for them to eat?  Is it that there are more predator birds about?

I only know that we miss them arriving and the sky is so bare without them flitting about so expertly


Enid got in touch through this article.  I wrote it in 2011 and it seems things are still the same.


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