Daily Archives: April 11, 2012


Hi All This is the first time I have seen this site,

It is less formal than the other sites I have been to.

Anyway, a tip to keep squirrels from the feeders I used to have several squirrels visit the bird feeders and with the resultant damage increasing, I decided to put a stop to this.

The squirrel proof feeders are fine, but it you have 10 or 20 they can be not very cost effective. So putting my thinking cap on, I tried a number of things, but the best I have found is using twine to hang the feeders from.

The squirrels rely on something solid to support themselves on, so using twine to hang the feeders on takes away the support and no more damage (or visitations now) Hope this helps

Thank You for a lovely site Regards Hayden


Thanks for this.  As I said in my email to you – I’m going to try this.