I stepped outside into the cool breeze, looked up at the bright blue sky and started putting bird food out.

The crows, rooks and blackbirds perched in the bare trees were like little sillhouettes against the sky.  They were watching my every move.

I scattered some bird food under bush A and a little more bird food under bush B.  this one way blackbirds can get some of the bird food as the ground feeder mesh is too small for them to get through.  I get a few blackbirds and some thrushes.  they ‘run’ round the bushes and ‘run / hop’ across the garden very quickly.

It was fascinating to watch the rooks, crows and blackbirds circle in the the blue sky.  the blackbirds aren’t really frightened of me and came to the bird food.  I realised that standing there I was keeping the Rooks and Crows away.  How long should I stand there.

I could see them  perched high on branches,  peering down at me from the roof top, flying over my head, perched on a chimney top in the garden next door,  and some were actually trying to flutter down and pinch the blackbirds food – but they daren’t.  They were all watching to see if I would go away and were preparing to feast on the seed. 

I enjoyed the garden for a while and the blackbirds enjoyed getting their breakfast in peace.  the problem is I don’t have time to stand guard every morning.

But it is a little spooky to think of all these rooks and crows looking down on me from their ancient perches, waiting for me to open my front door.

I will see what tomorrow  brings

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