Bev is still having garden birds attacked by sparrowhawks.

Bev, Sorry for the delay in replying.  I have been reading back over some other comments.  Here are one or two notes for you to think about that other readers have suggested

1. Only feed in a morning as sparrowhawks are late risers.

2. Crows do deter sparrowhawks – keep attracting them

3 Put a plastic Eagleowl in the garden. Eagleowls eat sparrowhawks.

4. From Shell – •camouflaged the area with various plants and shrubbery so that it would have a hard job getting to the birds. The hawk seems to have gone now that I have done that, I am still wary though.

5. I know you do this but am putting it in again. This is from K – I also read that if you put the seed in various feeding places rather then in one area at the front/back garden, this might help and also break the ‘hawks line of sight with bamboo canes etc. whilst allowing the feeding birds a clear line of sight

6. This is from Bill. It was written in 2011. . For a number of years I have used plastic garden mesh, 50mm hole size, on trellis’ around the feeders. Have seen the hawks splat themselves a couple of times on this.

I also use a circle of the mesh around the feeder, hung from an inverted metal hanging basket.Until now this has worked a treat and I have witnessed numerous unsucessful attacks, in one case four in a couple of hours.

My feeders are near to thorny cover.
However I am considering building a large cage of plastic mesh in the bushes at the back of the border and putting the feeders inside it. At least then the birds wont be caught napping.

7  A guy also has a large mirror appro 14×24 inches, which he uses to dazzle the hawks as they harass his birds while they’re flying. Hope this has been helpful.

8. And a note from Bev who is also concerned about the problems that sparrowhawks cause – Sorry to waffle on a bit but I like many people on this sight are deeply concerned in the dramatic rise of the sparrow hawk population and the sad decline of the song and garden bird population compared to a few years ago!Just a final word my uncle kept racing pigeons for many years but lost quite a few to hawk attacks in the air he says having witnessed at least three over his garden.


There is a lot of info here and I will read through them all again



I have had similar trouble to Bev so I know how she feels. My problem was a cat killing birds.  Also Rooks and Crows used to descend on the garden and take all the bird food which meant the garden birds were not getting any bird feed in the deepest winter when they needed it.

This is Bev’s latest news.  I only hope we help her. 

Hi again, thanks for info and comments on SH problem.

This hawk and mother are so persistant its almost unbelievable! I started writing this 4 hours ago but have ended up all afternoon outside keeping the sparrow hawk off the garden.

In the end i have taken down the bird table at the top of the garden as the crows , jackdaws etc aren’t around lately when the hawk strikes. It has even dived in after birds on the ground who are eating with all the pheasants we have daily!anyhow

I will see how things are for the rest of the week as its so difficult to protect the birds. We have a mistle thrush who lets out a loud call when the SH is approaching and it doesn’t seem to bother with the thrush. As I was at the top of the garden taking table etc down and hosing everything the hawk was above me circling watching !!!Well now we only have feeders and tables closer to the house and I will have to keep an eye out again under the shrubs where he hides.

Im hoping the crows, jays, jackdaws etc come down the garden as they used to a few years ago. I really don’t want to stop feeding in winter. We have two caged feeders but the blackbirds won’t go in  them unless the door is open which defeats the object somewhat. I have put up a cane wigwam with food in and  I’ve made it slightly wider gaps so I hope they will  use it tomorrow onwards. we have blocked yet another lot of shrubs with canes net etc as the hawk continues to hide under them which is ironic as the little birds dive in there thinking they are safe and thats not the case. Well here goes,I will try anything to keep the birds safe as  I’m sure we all do who write to bird table news with our comments etc. Kind regards Bev.


  1. Pat

    I am increasingly upset by the local sparrowhawk taking the garden birds from where I feed them. I have been reading through your remarks and will try some of your ideas, but I don’t feel terribly confident. Those hawks seem to be very clever and devious.

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